NIFTY : 9580.299999999999 green-arrow 90.2 +0.95%
SENSEX : 32424.1 green-arrow 223.51 +0.6899999999999999 %
Nasdaq : 9489.870000000001 green-arrow 120.88 +1.29%
DJIA : 25383.11 red-arrow -17.53 -0.07000000000000001%
Nikkei 225 : 21877.89 red-arrow -38.42 -0.18%
Hang Seng : 22961.47 red-arrow -171.29 -0.74%
GOLD : 46530 green-arrow 125 +0.27%
SILVER : 50096 green-arrow 1538 +3.17%
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