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Registrar and Transfer Agent(RTA)

About Our Registrar and Transfer Agent(RTA)

BgSE Financials Limited (BFSL) commenced RTA Division as SEBI Registered Category I Registrar and Share Transfer Agents in the year 2007. BFSL is a tech savvy company of uninterrupted and unmatched expertise and trusted by the investing public in the Capital Market and Corporate Clients in providing services as Registrar & Transfer Agents to the investors/shareholders and Corporate Clients (both private and public listed/unlisted companies/Government Companies) to their utmost satisfaction.

BFSL has obtained Permanent Certificate of Registration as Category I Registrar & Share Transfer Agents from SEBI (INR000004041)

BFSL established depository connectivity with both NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services (India) Limited) for providing services to corporate clients and to its shareholders/investors.

BFSL has a dedicated team with proven expertise in handling corporate clients as well as shareholder services to the Complete Satisfaction in terms of Quality and timely execution of activities with stiffer deadlines.



Companies (listed/unlisted) can avail services by appointing BFSL as their RTA and get admit the shares in depository by obtaining unique ISIN number for the securities and for demat facility to share/debenture holders.

The following services can be availed by the Companies:


Physical Segments

  • Registering Transfer/Transmission/Transposition of shares in the physical form.
  • Noting of Change of Address/Bank Mandate/ECS request/ Power of Attorney
  • Noting of Nomination
  • Issue of duplicate certificates
  • Registration of legal documents
  • Dividend distribution & reconciliation.
  • Interaction with Stock Exchanges, SEBI & other statutory bodies.
  • Dematerialising / Rematerialising of share certificates
  • Integrating electronic beneficiary positions with the physical shareholding.
  • Dispatching all corporate communications to the shareholders.
  • Advisory services & value additions.
  • Call Payment/Endorsement /Forfeiture
  • Consolidation/Renewal/Split/Amalgamation of Certificates/
  • Other Related activities:
    • Buy-back of Shares
    • Open Offers
    • Reduction of Share Capital
    • Mergers & De-mergers
    • Sub-division & Exchange
    • Redemption of Debt Instruments
    • Bulk Processing & Printing
    • Assisting Client Companies in conducting meetings
    • AGM/EGM/Court Convened Meetings
    • Postal Ballot / E-Voting Process
    • Handling Poll related activities
  • Custom built software systems for complex financial markets
  • Signature verification & fraud detection expertise
  • Dedicated investor relations cell

Demat Segments

  • Interacting with Depositories for ISIN Creation / Activation
  • Execution of Corporate Actions.
  • Daily Reconciliation of Electronic Holding with Back-Office
  • Interacting with Depository Participants (DPs)
  • Providing Beneficiary Position to the Issuer Companies
  • Comparison of Ben-Pos on weekly basis
  • Considering the advantages of scrip less trading, shareholders holding shares in physical form should consider dematerialisation of their holding. Shareholder(s) who want to hold shares in demat form should open a demat account with a depository participant (DP) registered with either NSDL or CDSL, and then surrender their share certificate(s) for dematerialisation through the DP.
  • Steps involved in the dematerialisation of shares:
    • shareholder fills out a a dematerialisation request form (DRF) and surrenders the defaced share certificate(s) to the DP
    • the DP intimates the RTA of this request through the system
    • the DP submits the share certificate(s) and the DRF to the RTA
    • the RTA updates the register of members and then validates the request
    • the Depository credits the DP's account
    • the DP updates the investor's demat account and informs investor
  • At present, no stamp duty has to be paid on transfer of shares in demat form.


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For further information or any query on our RTA services, please contact the following officials of RTA Division:

person img

Mr. Nagesh Rao R,
Asst. Vice President – RTA

mobile img


landline img

+91-80-41329661 / 66673304

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person img

Mr. Vinay Bharathi,
Assistant Manager, RTA

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mobile img

+91-80-41329661 / 66673353

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person img

Mr. N.K.Ajith,
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

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